Find Tucson Webmaster at Webmaster Tucson in Tucson, Arizona.
Find Tucson Webmaster at Webmaster Tucson in Tucson, Arizona.

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Google Maps and Google Places

It was inevitable! Smart devices have gone full circle.

First you use your computer or smart phone to locate the business you’re looking for. Now if you stumble up on an interesting location; your smart phone can locate it on the internet.

A Google Maps QR code poster.

When you add a listing into Google Local Business Directory (Google Places, aka Google Maps) you have the option to print these nifty posters letting everyone know you are in Google Maps. That funny looking black & white box (the QR code) lets customers - and potential customers - instantly learn more about a business, by visiting a mobile version of the business' Google Place Page. All a person needs is a smart phone with the correct APP to read the QR code.

How does this benefit the small business owner?

  • A customer walking by is intrigued by your store front, but the door is locked. They can access your Google Places listing and find that you are closed that day or perhaps you are opening in 15 min. The customer can wait the 15 min. or add the listing to their favorites.
  • If you have a restaurant, the menus and daily specials can be displayed on the smart phone (if added to your listing or found at your website).
  • The poster can be displayed at trade shows so patrons have instant access to more information about your business.
  • A Google Maps poster is an excellent promotional device when donating time or services at nonprofit events.

To get your company listed in Google Places & found on Google Maps as well as other online local business directories, contact Mike at Tucson Webmaster.

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